amazing mom necklace for baby shower gift for mom-to-be
Celebrate the Mom-to-be and remind her about the everlasting bond she will soon share with her new baby. This beautiful necklace of two interlocking rings and a sparkly gem represents that precious little one growing inside.
Bra for pregnant women makes a great baby shower gift
Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra. Made from ultra-soft 90% organic cotton / 10% spandex, so she can move comfortably with it day or night. The perfect bra while she's pregnant and when she's nursing.
Gift for pregnant mom-to-be
Essential tool from conception to infancy; promotes prenatal health, induces labor, soothes babies. All of the necessary items to get the ball up and bouncing are included in the box, including a pretty efficient double pumping hand pump.
prenatal massage makes a great baby shower gift
A prenatal massage relieves the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. A pregnancy massage has also been known to decrease stress and reduce labor complications. It's important to choose a massage therapist with prenatal massage training.
Hear baby heart beat in utero
Digital Prenatal Listening System. The easy to use external listening device includes two sets of headphones so both mom and dad hear the precious sounds of their unborn baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups. (recommended after 28 weeks gestation).
Baby Shower Gift Pregnancy Nutrition Class
Give the Mom-to-Be an online class in pregnancy nutrition. The course shares the best foods to eat during pregnancy, the absolute no-nos & what foods should be limited. She'll also get pregnancy-safe recipes for a Smoothie & an Energy Bar.
Birth Ball makes great Baby Shower Gift
Pregnant women have been using Birth Balls for years to help them during pregnancy and labor. The Birth Ball works to loosen the pelvic joints and muscles in preparation for delivery, increases blood flow to the uterus, placenta and baby and relieves pressure on the spine.
elegant baby shower gift
The Vita teardrop pendant is a lovely gift to celebrate the birth of a new child. Available in .925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold, this one-of-a-kind baby shower gift can be customized with a birthstone. Be assured this gift will forever be cherished by the new Mom.
baby shower gift for the eco-conscious mom to be
A gift-box for the eco-conscious Mom-to-Be. Choose from 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester gift package full of pampering & practical organic and eco-friendly goodies! Carefully curated for the mom with an interest in being green, living more sustainably and going toxin-free in all aspects of her life.
Online Pregnancy Class
Online Pregnancy Course teaches the new mom and dad-to-be all DOs and DONTs to have a healthy pregnancy. Week-by-week baby development, prenatal care and tests, how to overcome health problems, labor and more. Several courses to choose from.
Weighted blankets are all the buzz right now because they offer a soothing, calming, deep pressure therapy that helps people relax and concentrate during the day and sleep better at night. Mom--to-Be will use this baby shower gift well beyond when she gives birth.
funny book for baby shower gift
We really struggled with whether or not to include this book in the Baby Shower Gift Guide; especially if you're giving it to a first-time mom. Why? Because pregnant women's emotions are already volitile. What if she takes this book too seriously! In the end we included it, because we love this book!
belly band for pregnant mom
Preggers Maternity Support Bands provide an expectant mom with superior comfort & gentle support. Belly bands help support Mom-to-Be’s lower back and baby bump to reduce the overall aches and pains inherent in pregnancy. Also helpful post-partum when Mom’s working to get her pre-pregnancy body back. Sizing based on pre-pregnancy pant size.
wearable breast pump
A breast pump that lets Mom build her life around her purpose and passion, not around her pumping schedule. The Willow breast pump is the first-ever, in-bra, wearable breast pump with no cords or attachment. Everything fits right inside the pump, so Mom can move through your day, untethered. Willow Breast Pump is so quiet and discreet, Mom can pump anywhere.
Hoodie to hold baby needs
Don't want to carry a diaper bag but still need to bring along baby's supplies? Here's a gift for the Dad-to-Be or the Mom who loves hoodies (like me!) The Dad Hoodie has built in pockets to carry diapers, baby wipes, bottle, pacifier plus a phone and a wallet. Breathable mesh lining supports the items in your pockets without adding extra bulk or overheating you.

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